International Events

 The Australian Powerlifting Alliance intends to send a team to all IPF Sanctioned Events in 2024.


To be eligible for selection, you must compete in our 2024 Nationals Series. Athletes will be selected based on performance. For further information, download and read our information sheets. 

  • IPF Sanctioned Event Calendar - click here 
  • APA International Team Eligibility and Selection Criteria - click here
  • APA International Team Application Process - click here
  • APA 2024 Qualifying Totals: Click Here


APA approved coaches are eligible to apply to the APA International Coaching Team for each event. Coaching roles available are:

  • Head Coach (HC) - there to oversee the coaching team, ensure lifters/coaches are on time to weigh-in, are in the right place etc. Head coaches can also do the other two roles throughout a championship. Ensure team placings are front of mind. Build team culture.
  • Platform Coach (PC) - the primary coach responsible during a lifters’ competition. This is the coach who follows the lifter onto the platform, hands in attempt cards, and is the primary decision maker.
  • Assistant Platform Coach (APC) - there to help the lifter and Platform Coach throughout a competition. The PC and APC work together during the session


2024 Event Application Forms

Applications must be submitted by the date nominated below. Late applications will not be accepted. 

Oceania Regional Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships,in Nauru.  Dates to Be Advised. 

Applications have been extended until further notice 2024. 

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